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Hope Health Club is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which seeks a healthy lifestyle for people all over the world in the official burniva blog. The main goal of this foundation is to promote liver health and reduce the burden of liver diseases by providing support for research and education into the causes, diagnoses, prevention and treatment of liver diseases. This foundation was founded by Prof. Seyed-Moayed Alavian, professor of gastroenterology and liver disease and editor-in-chief of the hepatitis monthly journal, the only specialized journal pertaining to liver disease in the Middle East and central Asia in 2015.

This foundation tries to supply comprehensive educational materials covering the signs, symptoms and treatment of many of the prevalent forms of the liver disease as well as variety of helpful tips on precautions or healthy choices that can help people to preserve from liver diseases. The information provided here is profitable for those living with or at the risk of liver diseases and the health care professionals who care for them.

High public awareness occurs when a significant proportion of society agrees that the having a healthy lifestyle is an issue that is of great importance to all citizens. Low public awareness occurs when a majority of people do not know or do not care about their healthy. Therefore, one of the purposes of Hope Health Club is to raise public awareness about health issues in general and liver diseases in particular.

In order to reach this goal, Hope Health Club attempts to hold public conferences by the name of “Omid” and with the cooperation of other organisms and NGOs. It is notable that thanks to the people’s warm reception, 14 “Omid” conferences in different cities have been held up to now. These conferences outline the important function of the liver in the body as well as ways of transmission and expression of high-risk behaviors that lead to damage to this vital organ. As a matter of fact, these face to face trainings emphasize on adopting a healthy lifestyle including having a balanced and nutritious diet, avoiding tobacco and doing regular physical activity.

Besides face to face training, Hope Health Club’s virtual library including more than 40 instructional books in the field of liver diseases are easily available to download. These books have been translated into 9 different languages and have been welcomed by foreign people and patients. Furthermore, in Hope Health Club’s website, several animated instructional video clips have been prepared to download in order to motivate people to be sensitive about their health.

In addition to Hope Health Club’s activity on the website, this foundation plays an important role in social networks such as Instagram and Telegram and mobile application. It tries to raise public awareness by making friendly connection. Moreover, people are able to ask this foundation’s specialists their questions through these spaces.

Among this foundation’s activities, the election of 17 Health Ambassadors among prominent faces like actors, directors, doctors, athletes  and those who care about health issue is noteworthy. These ambassadors attempt to motivate people to exercise more, eat less unhealthy foods and forbid young people from starting smoking.

Hope Health Club wishes all people a healthy long life and tries its best to make this desire to the reality.

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